You will develop graphics, media, display & imaging solutions for a range of platforms from traditional PCs to high end datacenter servers.  We are seeking for Post-Silicon Validation and Debug Engineers  for Discrete Graphics SOC [PCIE, HBM Memory Controller, Power Management, Security, DFD Tools, Boot/reset/Clocking Flows] and Graphics, Media , Display domains. In this role you will work closely with architects, software/hardware engineering, Performance/Power teams and simulator experts.  IF you have the desire and ability to learn quickly and gain new knowledge your potential here is limitless.

In this role you will:

  • Create, define and develop system validation environment and test suites.
  • Use and apply pre-silicon and post-silicon platform level tools and techniques to ensure performance/ functionality to spec.
  • Be responsible for the development of methodologies, execution of validation plans, and debug of failures.
  • Build Debug Methodologies, Content Coverage and Validation frame works.
  • Require broad understanding of multiple system areas and requires interfaces with Architecture, Design, and Validation teams.


Minimum Skills and Experience that will get you notice:

Bachelor’s in Electrical/Computer Engineering or computer science or related field with 12+ years of experience or Master’s with 8+ years of experience

Your experience should be in the following areas:

  • Familiarity with SoC/IP level architecture/design, Relevant experience in SOC Post silicon validation , Proven expertise in Silicon product development.
  • Experience in creating Validation environments from scratch for validation of SoC/System level test execution.
  • Experience with Validation of various type of external interfaces, like DDR, HBM, PCIe or similar.
  • Experience with Post Silicon Debug /Validation and/or Emulation
  • Familiarity with Driver and firmware flows
  • Design validation on System level functionality (power management, memory, PCIe)
  • Working knowledge of standard post-Si debug and regression tools/methodologies. Also any emulation tools. DFX methodologies and tools usage.
  • Experience in Graphics Hardware-Software interfacing and debug would be plus
  • Knowledge of Software programming. Good programming skills in C/C++ and scripting (such as PythonSV or Ruby)

Preferred skills and experiences that will make you stand out: –

  • Demonstrated Experience on External Graphics SoCs(PCIE based)
  • Good understanding of Display graphics driver / Media / 3D /Audio would be added advantage
  • Post silicon Validation Experience on SRIOV, Virtualization/Hypervisor
  • Experience and hands on skills with LTB, ITP, Logic Analyzers*, Oscilloscopes, Scan dumps, and in-circuit Emulators
  • Expertise in validating complex IP’s from different sources onto the same piece of silicon
  • Experienced with IP/SoC firmware architecture
  • Experience with IP/SoC Debug subsystem development